Polar Ice Tray - Polar Ice Ball Series

Polar Ice Tray - Polar Ice Ball Series

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Ice Tray

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Why do we Need the Polar Ice Tray?

Ever wonder why the drinks you make at home don't taste as good as the ones you buy at the bar?
Did you know that ice has a HUGE impact on drinks?

Perfect for drink lovers and home parties, Polar Ice Tray is the first patented ice tray that allows EVERYONE to make spheres of crystal clear ice in an ordinary home refrigerator


  • CRYSTAL CLEAR ICE: Our unique, patented design separates water molecules from the air bubbles and impurities that can ruin the taste of your drink. Crystal clear ice is odorless and flavorless, yet adds a cold crispness to your favorite beverage
  • EASY TO USE: 1. Add water 2. Put in the freezer 3. Wait 8-12 hours 4. Enjoy!
  • MELTS SLOWLY: Crystal clear ice melts more slowly than regular ice because it is just water (no air bubbles).  Secondly,our ice is round, so it has less surface area than regular ice cubes. Both these factors keep your drink colder for longer without diluting it








Design Concept: 

We've been researching a simple elegant solution for making clear ice at home since 2008.  Inspired by the natural ice-forming pattern in lakes and rivers, we've designed a dual-chambered system that separates the clear ice from the impurities in the water.

Ordinary ice trays allow ice to freeze from the outside in, trapping air and impurities to the center. Polar Ice Tray insulates all sides of the tray except the top, so only the surface of the water is exposed to the cold. As a result, the water freezes from top down.

By letting the water to freeze gradually, layer by layer, from top to bottom, air and impurities are compressed to the lower "white ice" compartment. Polar Ice Tray allows you to easily separate the clear ice from the white ice without an ice chisel.

How to use it?

1. Place the silicone layer on top of the perforated layer, and then put the perforated layer on top of the plastic layer. Ensure each piece has a tight seal to prevent leaking.

2.Slowly pour water into Polar Ice Tray via the hole on top of the silicone layer, until the water flows out of the hole. (Do this slowly because the air needs time to get forced out of the tray.

3.Place the assembled components into the insulated base. Next, place the Polar Ice Tray into the freezer and wait 8-12 hours.

Product Specifications, Brochure & User Manual:


    L108 x W108 x H108 mm  (4.3" x 4.3" x 4.3")

    Ice Sphere

    Diameter 6 cm  (2.4")

    Materials Food container plastic PP & Silicone (Inner) PU Foaming (Outer)
    Product Brochure N/A
    User Manual Download PDF(PDF, 0.8MB) 


    About the Designer and the Brand:

    Jack Chu

    A Taiwanese product designer and entrepreneur focused on creating simple, elegant solutions to the inconveniences of modern life.

    Polar Ice

    Our own line of high-end design products.  As you may have guessed, Jack is an avid whiskey enthusiast!

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