The Science behind Clear Ice

We've been researching how to make clear ice since 2008. Our goal was to find a simple, elegant solution. Existing techniques only partially solved the problem. That's when we turned to the nature to find our answer!

Inspired by the natural ice-forming pattern which takes place in lakes and rivers, we've designed a dual-chambered system that separates the clear ice from the impurities in the water.

Ordinary ice trays allow ice to freeze from the outside in, trapping air and impurities to the center. Polar Ice Tray insulates all sides of the tray except the top, so only the surface of the water is exposed to the cold. As a result, the water starts to freeze from the surface.

By allowing the water to freeze gradually from top to bottom, layer by layer, air and impurities are compressed to the bottom, forming a layer of opaque or "white" ice. Our dual-chambered technology allows easy separation of clear and white ice.